ALUMNI WORLD TOUR : Singapore (#5) - The future of the Belt & Road Initiative and the role of Singapore

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The future of the Belt & Road Initiative and the role of Singapore

4 décembre à 12h30 (Paris), 19h30 (Singapore) 

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Henry Tillman: spent a decade in New York with major investment banks, mostly advising on US organisations on M&A and capital raising. Currently based in London, Mr. Tillman previously served (2011-2015) as a Non Executive Director of Wells Fargo Securities (Europe). In 2016, Mr Tillman represented the 48 Group (UK) at the launch of the Maritime Silk Route in Xiamen. He is the CEO and Chairman of Grisons Peak, a London-based, Asia-focused merchant bank. 

 Emmanuel Véron: has a doctorate in geography (University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne) and is a specialist in contemporary China. He taught geography and geopolitics of China at INALCO from 2014 to 2018, then at the French Naval Academy, international relations, geopolitics and institutions. He is an associate professor-researcher at UMR IFRAE and at the French Naval Academy. Today he is General Delegate of the Endowment Fund (FDBDA) specializing in Asia and maritime areas. The action of the FDBDA is divided into three actions: Research and analysis; awards and distinctions and construction projects. He teaches geopolitics, mainly on China and Asia at various universities and schools. He advises companies and institutions on contemporary issues related to Chinese power.

The Alumni World Tour is a one-week online forum launched by the Cercle Sciences Po - HEC Paris (Sciences Po Alumni) and sponsored by Sciences Po Alumni and HEC Alumni, which aims at gathering the communities of both institutions. From November 30th to December 4th, we will explore maritime issues during 5 live conferences with both Sciences Po and HEC Alumni Chapters in Marseille, Montreal, Moscow, Beirut, and Singapore.  

Alumni World Tour Program

From 30th November to 4th December in 5 different cities and on 5 different issues:

MARSEILLE (30 NOV 16h): Ville carrefour des enjeux migratoires en Méditerranée

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MONTREAL (1 DEC 18h30): Exploring the Canadian Far North and Arctic: can we reconcile climate change and shipping? 

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MOSCOW (2 DEC 17h30): Strategic & Economic Prospects for Russia with the Arctic Routes Opening

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BEYROUTH (3 DEC 17h): Tensions en Méditerranée Orientale : où va le Liban ?

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SINGAPORE (4 DEC 12h30 ): The Belt & Road Initiative & Singapore

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- Section Singapour de Sciences Po Alumni
- HEC Alumni (Section Singapour)
Cercle Asie de Sciences Po Alumni
- Programme Europe-Asie - Campus du Havre (Sciences Po)
- French Grandes Écoles Singapore Alumni

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