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Workshop "Neuroscience meets leadership" - Station F - 2 october

2 facilitators: Arnaud Complainville (MBA.05) and PhD, former BCG consultant, former VP Business Development and Veronica Brejan, EMBA, former CPO Europe Pizza Hut, former Global Head of Talent Vodafone, founders of Fly Throught Life. Neuroscience aims at understanding how our brains work. New research on the brain helps business leaders develop better self-awareness, a better understanding of others, and it provides insight on how to improve our cognitive and emotional capabilities.During this workshop, you will discover the neurological foundations of our behaviors, and what we can do to regain control over our minds in order to be more efficient, emotionally balanced and have more mindful relationships.The workshop will cover:1.Brain basics:•Neuroplasticity: how our brains reshape according to experiences•Brainwaves: a mirror of our mental states•The fine balance between the 3 neural networks regulating attention: Default Mode, Salience and Central Executive networks2.The power of intuition:•Conscious vs unconscious decision-making•What is the neural basis of intuition?•Why intuition is often more reliable than rational reasoning?3.Emotions regulation:•Amygdala vs. Prefrontal Cortex: why our primitive brain sometimes takes over and how can we get back in control?•Resilience and stress management: How does stress decrease our performance and how to counteract its effects?•Negativity bias and Losada ratio: why we tend to focus on negatives and how to overcome it?4.The link between breathing and brain function:•How breathing affects our cognitive functions and emotions?Why and how to balance the 2 brain hemispheres?