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Early 2019your HEC Alumni Association saw a major change and this offer is for you!

In January 2019, in line with the model used by the major Alumni associations in the English-speaking world, the HEC Alumni Association launched a new model of subscription called the INFINITY PASS.

It's been a great SUCCESS: since then, over 4,000 HEC Alumni have SAID YES and subscribed.

What About You?

This one-off fee grants all HEC Alumni all around the world lifetime access to great BENEFITS including :

- 2 FREE days of training with HEC Executive Education

- Full access to the HEC Alumni online DIRECTORY of one of the most powerful Alumni Networks in the world

- 50% off HEC Alumni CAREER Seminars & Workshops

- FREE Access to the Online HEC Alumni Mentoring Platform

- 25% off HEC Summer School

- Access to WORLD IS A VILLAGE - a trusted network that connects HEC families to enable their children to travel worldwide! 

And many more.

Did you know? 

For LIFELONG BENEFITS: a ONE-OFF fee of 1,600€ (discounted rate as low as 400€ available for seniors or previous fee-paying members). 

PAYMENT IN INSTALMENTS is possible: 4 instalments over 4 months or in 3 instalments over 3 years. Of course, there are no extra charges and you can enjoy all the benefits associated with your lifetime subscription as soon as you make your first payment! 

WATCH THE REPLAY of A WEBINAR in English to learn more about the Infinity Pass membership model and why you should subscribe too. 


You can also read the FAQ about the INFINITY PASS on 

Click here to find a comparative table of the benefits of Infinity Pass lifetime membership and annual membership. 

For all your questions or comments on the membership, please contact your dedicated team on 

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