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samedi 01 juin 2019
10:00 - 23:50
Jouy-en-Josas & Paris
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Dear HEC Paris MBA Alumni,

We are honoured to invite you and your families to the upcoming MBA Milestone Reunion on June 1, 2019 at the HEC Paris campus and in central Paris.

This is the third year of the Alumni Reunion event, and we took the feedback from last year’s participants to create a program that represents our vibrant community and celebrates the spirit and global thought leadership of HEC.

 The itinerary on June 1st will be full of intellectual, social, and family-friendly activities on campus, followed by a truly extraordinary private gala dinner held at the exclusive and renowned Hôtel d’Évreux, a 17th century jewel of Parisian history and decor, right on the Place Vendôme. 

We would love to see you at this extravagant two-part event, and we need your help in making sure all of your classmates receive the memo in the next week. Please share this with your colleagues from your promotion.

The reunion is a chance to reconnect with classmates, celebrate with your community, build new connections, exchange ideas, and relive memories from your MBA. We hope to have some 200 alumni join us on June 1, and we recommend buying tickets at your earliest convenience. Here is our itinerary for the weekend, along with details on registration: 

Overview of MBA Milestone Reunion Weekend, 2019

Here is a quick overview of all the events planned for the reunion weekend:

Reunion Weekend Schedule



Time (24h)


Friday (May 31st)

Apero in Paris

9 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, Paris

19.30 to 22.30

- Open to the first 100 ticket sales

- Casual Attire

Saturday (June 1st)

Campus Reunion

HEC Campus, Jouy en Josas

9.00 to 16.30

- Casual Attire

Saturday (June 1st)

HEC Milestone Reunion Gala

19 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris

19.30 to 23.00

- Cocktail Attire

Saturday (June 1st)


19 Place Vendome, 75001 Paris

23.00 to 02.00

- Open to all reunion attendees 

- Cocktail/Party Attire

Contact: Please send us a mail (mbaaluni-reunion@hec.edu) or give us a call (Abhay Paropkari, +33 (0)7 68 51 75 56) if you have any questions about events. 

#Addendum# We will be screening the Champions League final in one of our many exclusive salons at the Gala venue as well. So, you do not have to worry about missing the biggest match in club football this year!

Detailed Itinerary (On-campus Event on June 1st, 2019):

Detailed Itinerary (Gala Event on the Night of June 1st, 2019):

(Click on the Image below to redirect you to the details of the Gala Event)

Registration & Tickets:Registration is now open (finally!) 

  1. Registration is online, through the HEC Alumni portal, and requires signing in to your account.  If you have trouble logging in, you may need to change your password or activate your account.
  2. Please click here to visit the web-page for purchasing your Alumni tickets
  3. There are four categories of tickets available:
      1. Day Ticket – This ticket is to attend only the day event and the activities scheduled for the attendees at the HEC Campus at Jouy-en-Josas.
      2. Night Ticket – This ticket is to attend the exclusive and special “HEC Milestone Gala” being organized at Hotel D’Evreux located at Place Vendôme in the heart of Paris.
      3. Bundle Pricing Ticket – A ticket for both the day and the night event together.
      4. Kids Tickets – Tickets are mandatory for children.
  4. Ticket pricing is based on costs alone, and have been segmented to cater to varying preferences of alumni. 
  5. The final deadline for registration and ticket purchase is May 24th, 2019

Next Steps: Follow the signs, SVP >>

  1. Book the Reunion tickets for yourself and your family
  2. Book your flight/train tickets (if not done already)
  3. Arrange for your accommodation in Paris 
  4. Plan your Holiday! (we do hope you take this opportunity to explore wonderful, sunny Paris or other parts of France or Europe with family and/or old classmates)

Additional Important Information: It's typically worth checking the fine print, right?

  1. To get more information on Transportation, please click here to visit the "Reunion Invite page" and explore all the tabs with the necessary details.
  2. Please reach out to your Class Representatives regarding Reunion Eve Catch-ups (on Friday, May 31st, 2019) in Paris or for possible class-specific plans for Sunday (June 2nd, 2019).

If you face any difficulties in accessing the links above, do visit the following link:  https://www.hecalumni.fr/group/mba-reunion/2678/calendar/2019-hec-paris-mba-milestone-class-reunion/2019/06/01/4892

 and explore all the tabs for more information

If you have any questions or suggestions please do reach out to us at mbaalumni-reunion@hec.edu

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