Bertrand Badré and Coline Debayle on How to Act and Build a Sustainable Future? Be the Future Workshop

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One Month for a Sustainable Future 

Workshop 3: Building a Sustainable Future: How to Act?

(in English)

What will our future look like if nothing changes? What have we learnt from this crisis? How will we use these lessons and this unique opportunity to shift drastically our economy?

Now that most of us are aware of the massive challenges our planet is facing, what are we waiting for to act ? Do we really want to change ?

If money runs the world, how could money save it ?

In this interactive workshop, Bertrand Badré and Coline Debayle will share with us their experience and their initiative to fuel and foster the environmental and social transition we need. 

And seriously change the world, because the Time for the Planet is now.

Building a Sustainable Future: How to Act?

Collaborative Workshop Tuesday, Dec 8th at 6:30pm

Speakers bio:

Coline Debayle (H.13)

She laucnhed her first start-up, Artips, while still on Campus in Jouy en Josas. This company soon became a reference in the culture and Edtech world. Artips now enjoys 1mio readers, with 40employees and several min in revenues. Coline recently sold it to the Beaux-Arts Magazine group and decided to launch Time for the Planet, the first non-profit investment fund committed to curb climate change.  

Bertrand Badré (H.89)

Bertrand Badré is CEO and Founder of Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital. Previously, Bertrand was Managing Director of the World Bank and World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining the World Bank Group, Bertrand was the group chief financial officer at Société Générale and Crédit Agricole. He represented these institutions at the FSB, G7 and G20.

Bertrand recently authored the book “Money Honnie, si la finance sauvait le monde?” published in English in 2017 under the title “Can Finance Save the World?” and translated into multiple languages. He just published "Voulons (sérieusement) changer le monde ?" in September 2020.

The next (and last) workshop of the "Be the Future Month" will be happening on the following Tuesday:

- 15 Décembre 18h: Working in the Future: how to adapt (in English)? 

Virtual collaborative workshop with Suzanne Daigle - co-founder NUFocus Reinventing Organizations, and Jean-Gabriel Levon - co-founder Ynsect

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