The République Dominicaine Chapter is your contact point close to home, your local access helping you keep in touch with the community and HEC Alumni, wherever you are.
This is all the more true thanks to this new website, with its new space just for you. This website (and the République Dominicaine Chapter) will flourish thanks to you, to your encouragements, advice, observations and criticism - but also thanks to your contributions, if you wish. This website belongs to you and to all the members of the République Dominicaine Chapter. Please feel free to get involved!
The more you share, the more you grow!
We look forward to seeing you on this page or at one of our events in République Dominicaine.
The République Dominicaine Chapter team.
We ask all members of the République Dominicaine Chapter to be up-to-date with their annual Association membership fees to help us develop this wonderful network offering an opportunity for professional encounters, discussions and sharing experience.