ZOOM Helping Session 1: "Career in Germany : your next steps in the Covid 19 context, let’s talk"

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Session 1 Career in Germany : your next steps in the Covid 19 context, let’s talk" on May 12

With the support of the HEC Germany Office, the two HR Sabine Schott Ms.10 and Claire Floréani H.86 are organising a helping session for our Alumni to help them in their job search and/or new career challenges.

Sabine and Claire will be there to listen to you and to consider your next steps. 

This session will be held either in French, English or German depending on the wish of the participants and will be limited to 20 people max.  

                                                      Sabine Schott


Sabine Schott Ms.10 is expert of the French-German intercultural field because she has lived for a few years in Germany. As such, she has been Human Resources Manager in Düsseldorf, facilitating the HR integration of a German entity as it was acquired by a French Group. And she has been Human Resources Director for a French-American Group, contributing to the HR integration of the Northern Europe perimeter within the Group, sharing the same vision and implementing corporate HR tools.

Today, she has founded 3D Management and is specialized in HR Consulting and coaching of organizational transformations, cultural evolution and teams.

                                                       Claire Floreani

Claire Floreani (H86) is a Senior Client Partner at TRANSEARCH, an Executive Search firm specialized across all main industries and functions. Prior to TRANSEARCH, her business experience lies in the IT and consulting industry as a Marketing and Sales executive. She relocated to Munich in 2017 after 10 years in Canada and the US. She loves working in a multicultural environment, meeting HEC Alumni in (and from) different countries and recently developed a passion to learn about Sustainable Development.

Looking forward to seeing you online!


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