Webinar "The art of networking" - 31 March

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Learn to network and you’ll never have to sell anymore 

or to look for a business partner anymore!

This key skill, often overlooked, changes everything!

Those who master it climb the ladder and reach their goals ...

Let's immediately break the received ideas: 1) YES it can be learnt 2) NO having 4000 contacts on linkedin does not make you a good networker. Networking is a mix of an art (soft skills) and a science (hard skills such as techniques and tools).


During the masterclass we will tackle:

1) the fundamentals of networking

2) their good use in this world of glut of social networks

3) today's tools that allow you to manage everything

4) but ESPECIALLY, we will see many cases, situations together and obviously, this session although it will be remote, will be ultra interactive. So have your laptop with you AND your phone (will be used to reply to surveys).


You will come out with real methods and tools to allow you to excel in networking .... effortlessly ...


It is for you if you have understood the value of human relations in a professional project, the value of the network. And for that, there is no age.

Above all, DO NOT WAIT TO BE IN NEED to master its workings. Now is the perfect moment !


Speaker: Vincent Bernard (M.04), adventurer. Been part of executive committee of big corporation, medium size international businesses with functions as diverse as consultant, CFO, Sales Manager and BU Director. He also traveled the world to interview French entrepreneurs living abroad and is now running is own Startup dedicated to transform every person an excellent networker…

Besides his activities, he loves teaching at HEC the following subjects: Networking, Sales, Persuasion. It’s been 3 years now and he still enjoys it a lot.

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