Webinar "Reach your maximum potential" - September 18

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TeacherJonathan Sardas (H.09), founder of the HR consulting firm DeRose For Leaders.  Together with his teams Jonathan has been training top executives in Europe, the USA and Latin America for over a decade. He owns a training centre in Champs Elysées, Paris and gives workshops and coaching sessions in large companies such as Enedis, Bolloré and Nestlé. 

Webinar "Reach your maximum potential"

Learn 3 tools to enhance your performance

6:00pm (Paris time)

OBJECTIVE Discover practical tools that make you feel on top of your game: efficient, productive and capable to handle the challenges of the day.

 The business world constantly demands higher performance. Fatigue,  stress, and conflict quickly become part of our daily life, and the  price we pay for excellence.

There are some highly effective tools we can use so that performance can become synonymous with realization.

In this webinar you will discover 3 powerful tools used by  thousands of executives everyday:

1) Concentration techniques
Learning how to focus will give you more clarity and perspective, which in turn will make you more efficient at work and in your daily life.

2) Breathing exercises
Learn how mastering the rhythm of your breathing can transform how you manage your emotions and engage successfully with your clients and colleagues.

3) Mental imagery
Learn to use the mental preparation techniques from professional sport players to help you reach your goals.

What you will learn:
- Get a better understanding of how your physiology can impact your performance.
- Master 3 short yet highly effective exercises that you can use on a daily basis to increase your performance and well-being.
- Discover the DeRose Method Toolbox; one that is used in 14 countries and has 59 years of experience in helping executives reach their maximum potential.

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