Webinar "Power Base" - 16 April

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O'ona Souissi has worked over the 2 decades with senior professionals at blue-chip companies and helped many people to reinvent their career internationally. As the Founder of Career On Purpose, O'ona works with major corporations, international organization, global non-profits, start-ups with international ambitions and the top universities. She is certified Executive Coach with a backgroud un Global HR Development and Consulting, and an accredited member of the International Coach Federation. 

POWER BASE: Your network of relationships is one of your most important assets, and yet it’s often a neglected part. But consider this: With a strong network, you have more influence and you have a stream of opportunities coming your way to uplevel your game in your career or your business.

With a network that can refer the right people to you, opportunities follow. The problem is that many individuals and firms lack a strategic approach to generate these referrals. 

If you want to develop a network that brings in a consistent flow of relevant opportunities, there is a process to set goals, track results, and take your career or company to the next level.

Can you see the overall value of strengthening your power base? Do you want to learn how to do it more effectively?

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