Webinar EXED "It’s time to reinvent your business model" by Prof. Laurence Lehmann Ortega - 14 April

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The Coronavirus crisis is a shock, 

a shock for us as individuals, as employees, as leaders. 

We would like it to be over, but we must get prepared. This is not a parenthesis; occasional lockdowns will be the new normal. This is just a rehearsal of the world ahead.

The (temporary) end of the lockdown will not mean we will be back to normal. Business as usual has gone as we, as individuals, and our companies will have suffered and thus have changed during this crisis. So perhaps this is the right time to rethink, to reinvent our business. Back to normal is not an option, we need to invent tomorrow’s company. By amplifying the already disruptive digital revolution, this crisis will force companies to rethink the way they work, the way they are organized, and for the leaders, the way they will lead and thrive in the times ahead.

This webinar will set the stage of what is ahead: what will the new normal look like? What will the company of tomorrow look like? Laurence Lehmann-Ortega, strategy professor at HEC will suggest that the company of tomorrow will need to rethink its frontiers, and be more responsible, innovative and inspring.

Speaker: Laurence Lehmann Ortega


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