Sprint@Station F HEC Incubator Techniques for Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs

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Workshop "Sprint@Station F HEC Incubator Techniques for Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs"


« Achieve in one year what you could not have done alone in 3 years ».

That’s the incubator motto. So imagine what you could achieve during a 2-hour sprint! If you have an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial project, come and meet us for a session where we’ll review the main techniques used at the HEC incubator to fuel a project.

@ Station F:

 During a two-hour session, you’ll meet entrepreneurs and staff from the HEC incubator to learn the basics of entrepreneurship: lean methodology, quick prototyping, testing your value proposition. We have limited seats to ensure an interactive session. The session will be held at the biggest start-up campus in the world: Station F!


What’s in it for you ?

- You’ll meet seasoned entrepreneurs who will concretely explain how they overcame obstacles thanks to the HEC incubator methodology to find a product market fit.

- You’ll be able to implement methodologies and tricks when leaving the building.

- You’ll be able to test your value proposition and traction channels with less than 100€.

- You’ll get access to a 30-minute follow-up meeting with an entrepreneur of the incubator to gauge your progress and help you with your project.


Emilie Korchia (EM.15): Co-founder of My Job Glasses and Co-President of HEC start-up.

Benjamin Leiba (H.13): serial entrepreneur, consultant and Co-President of HEC Start-up.


Important Places are limited to 20 (attributed on a first come, first served basis)

PLEASE NOTE: You must enroll on the website as it will not be possible to enroll in person at Station F on the day of the workshop

This workshop is exclusively reserved for fee-paying members of HEC Alumni.

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