REPORTE - Higher Impact in public speaking workshop - March 26

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IMPORTANT : This workshop is in English

This workshop is based on a very pragmatic approach of public speaking and is organized around a combination of theory and trainings.

The following topics are addressed
· Oral communication characteristics (goals, verbal and non verbal communication…)
· Preparation of a speech: define an aim, understand how to arouse interest, attract attention and stimulate people’s desire to do what you need them to do.
· The awareness of your potential in enhancing your power of persuasion
· Video training, practical advice and follow up with the identified improvement areas

Understand what is behind charisma, influence and impact. Be aware of what is a good presentation, a good speech and even a good email. Because you need it every day in the corporate world.

Program sequence
· One full day (9am to 5pm) filled with concepts and experimentation
· An hour session of individual coaching with the animator, to train on public speaking, project presentation or team motivation and to develop your power of persuasion in your day to day interactions.

Speaker : Isabelle du Cluzeau (DEA Paris X, ESSEC 92), consultant, coach and trainer, collaborator of Sandrine Meyfret, author of the book “Gagner en impact, les clés du charisme, du leadership et l’influence” edited at Eyrolles and Director of Alomey, a Consulting Company focusing on unique and innovative methods to develop management skills.


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