Kick-Off Workshop "What kind of digital marketing will develop my business?"

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The Facilitator: Cyril Bladier (E.07), is a nationally renowned digital marketing expert. Bladier is the creator of the agency Business-on-Line and author of La boîte à outils des réseaux sociaux” (The Social Network Tool Box) published by Dunod (

Have you already thrown yourself head first into social networks and not picked up any leads? Do you publish and share content about your product offer in the hope that Google will reference it or that it hypothetically goes viral on social networks?

Your digital marketing is probably headed nowhere!

Stop Hope Marketing and start to do real marketing that will take you to ultra-targeted leads.

Today, thanks to the data available, you can understand your online market; detect weakness in the competition and therefore stand out easily; find blue oceans, meaning market segments where demand is high and competition weak.

Don’t throw any more money out of the window and come discover what really allows digital marketing to bring a specific type of demand to you within a few weeks.


ImportantPlaces are limited to 50 (attributed on a first come, first served basis)

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