How to Transform Family Life in 2021 & Balance it all - Nadim Saad

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How to Transform Family Life in 2021 & Balance it all ?

HEC Alumni & Working Parents: Here are top tips to keep a harmonious & balanced life after an intense 2020 year.  

Would you like to: 

- Have a more harmonious family life? 

- Motivate children to do things for themselves? 

- Learn practical tools to make parenting less stressful and more enjoyable? 

The 2020 crisis was a challenging time for most families. Thankfully there are ways to make a massive difference to your ability to cope.  

 Before becoming a Parenting coach, Nadim was in leadership roles, having led the development of successful companies on 3 continents. Once he had children, he discovered the fascinating parallels between leadership and parenting and decided to dedicate his life to sharing transformational knowledge and tools with other parents.

In this session, Nadim Saad will give top tips and tools drawn from the science of leadership to transform your family life:  

 - How to take good care of yourself  - Teamwork  - Leading by example  - Being strategic  - Emotion coaching  - Diffusing whining and arguing  - Giving more control and responsibility  - Creating a sense of belonging and purpose  - Problem solving  - Top tips to connect with your child(ren)  

Tuesday 2nd February 2020

12:30pm UK / 1:30pm CET


About the Speaker:

Nadim Saad is a Parenting Coach, the founder of The Happy Confident Company ( and the author of 7 books including the highly acclaimed 'Kids Don’t Come With a Manual'.

He worked with experienced psychotherapists and drew from the latest research in child psychology and neuroscience as well as his own experience as a father of 3 to develop highly effective tools to help families become happier and more harmonious.

He is a regular speaker on parenting themes for leading companies such as Google, HSBC, Barclays & JP Morgan, and he has been featured in leading media publications including The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and the BBC.

He holds an MSc and an MBA from INSEAD.


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