HEC in the UK: Through the Art Prism: Awaken Your Creativity for Greater Impact

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The HEC UK Alumni Team & Joëlle Deroy invite you to:

Through the Art Prism: Awaken Your Creativity for Greater Impact 

From business confinement to artistic adaptability

"If there is one thing that artistic practice teaches painters, it is that everything, in an artwork, is a question of positioning of each brush stroke, as well as putting it in relation with other colors. 

The transposition of this artistic law in the field of business and human relations is clear. Social and emotional intelligence heavily rely on our ability to change perspective and rethink the relationship of the different elements of a problem. 

To grasp inside-out this “Art of Perspective”, you are invited to a participative art experience (from the comfort of your home).

At the outcome of the experience, each participant will receive, via mail, the collective digital artwork created with your participation. 

Wednesday 20th May 6pm London time

It is my hope that this experience will shed some light on your inner creativity and on the concept of MEANING: the meaning that we give to events… and our ability to transform or create it. 

More than ever, we need to be creative in order to create the visions of tomorrow.  
Looking forward to our artistic encounter! 

Yours truly, 

Joelle Deroy "

The webinar includes a group participative art creation. Kindly send your input PRIOR to the webinar, please click here What colour are you today? (it takes 1 min)


About Joëlle

Joelle Deroy, French-American, HEC (88) and international artist, is the Founder of Driving Change With Art Ltd and Co-Founder of the think tank The Art Think Factory (London - Paris - New York). 

For over 15 years she led a double career as international artist and corporate executive within international groups (Arthur Andersen International, Zurich Financial Services, Groupama S.A.) in Paris, Milan and New York. Now based in London, she pursues her artistic career and her on-going research in the field of corporate innovation through art. 

Together with her business partner ELX Art and all the actors of The Art Think Factory, she counts among her clients a number of international companies - mainly in the field of consulting, finance, insurance, but also sports and media … Her artistic practice, multi-media (painting, photographic, ceramic) is at the image of her trans-disciplinary corporate approach. 

She is driven by a passion for human ADAPTABILITY - be it individual, artistic, business or social. Joelle is also the author of “Driving Change With Art: Corporate Change Management and Innovation Through Art”.

For more information: drivingchangewithart.com and joellederoy.com


For any questions, please contact ukoffice@hec.fr

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