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Do you sometimes feel your level of energy going down, or jumping from one day to the other ? And what do you do about it ? Most of the time, not much, because we are in a rush, so we think we will take care of our body later.

In our highly intellectual world, what do we know about our body ? 

After the “brain basics”, this workshop will be a deep dive in the inner workings of our body. It will help us understand how it affects, and is affected by our emotions, our memories and our energy.

What is the link between body and energy ?

What are our second and third brains and why do we need them ?

Where do our memories go ?

Chantal has worked  with many experts and researchers from all over the world to publish her book “Le Corps Révélé”. During this workshop she will share her knowledge and give us practical tools to develop a better conscious connection to our body.

Your body is not a machine. Your body is a database. Your body is all about energy. 

Better understanding these mechanisms will help you reconnect with your body. This awareness is key to repair it and unleash its full potential. This in turn allows you to better live your emotions and have the right energy to end this year peacefully.


Tuesday, 11th of December, 12:15pm

Buffet lunch provided

Chantal Deravin’s bio:

As life coach and healer, Chantal has walked the planet and worked with major Yogi and shamans from Asia, India, Nepal, Ladakh and Bhutan, South America, sacred singing bowls Masters, anthropologists, neuroscientists and researchers on crystals and fractal patterns.

Her long experience in leading people on their path of personal growth, manifesting their own power and connecting to their core energy is well renowned.  Working alongside with her patients, she guides them in connecting to deeper aspects of awareness and address a range of needs, from psychological healing and well-being to spiritual realization, respecting the unique path of each person through offering a diversity of tools. 

She speaks five languages and has a Masters degree in Economics from the Paris Pantheon Sorbonne University. Before becoming a life coach she has worked in large as well as mid size international companies in Finance and Communication (Elf Aquitaine, Cartier, GFF, la Maaf…)

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