6th Annual HEC Paris "Energy Day"

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vendredi 17 mars 2017
12:00 - 21:00
HEC Paris, T Building (T206)
The theme of the 6th annual HEC Paris Energy Day conference is about innovative technologies that will support a cleaner energy. The Energy and Utilities sectors are affected by pressing concerns including volatile commodity prices, increased competition, and significant capital costs. Additionally, today’s global energy demand puts considerable pressure on natural resources and environment, and we must reinvent the ways in which energy is produced, supplied, stored, and consumed. The value chains are increasingly becoming “digital” through technological innovations such as smart fields, smart metering, smart grids, or smart homes. Green energies have never been so competitive, but old actors are similarly innovating to improve existing technologies. So, who will guide this technological revolution, and how?

  • Jean Michel Gauthier, Executive Director, Energy & Finance Chair, HEC Paris
  • Olivier Menuet, VP Energy, SNCF
  • Francois Sterin, Director Global infrastructure, Google
  • Pierre Cannet, Head Climate, Energy and Infrastructure, WWF
  • Wissam Anastas - Co-Head of DB Private Equity Energy and Infrastructure - Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management
  • Tristan Zipfel - Chief of Staff to the CEO - EDF Energies Nouvelles
  • Mikhail SAVKIN - Director of Global Strategy - Schneider Electric;
  • Umberto DOTTA - Managing Director - Power Generation Industry - EDF;
  • Timo MARQUEZ - Energy & Sustainability Services - Groupe BETOM


12h Sandwich buffet
13h Plenary session – welcome speeches
14h Workshops – round tables
§ Financing & Financiers
Aligning of the stars? Will the fall of prices of oil, gas, coal, electricity, as well as interest rates lead to an economic disaster for some players of the energy industry?
What is the right forward? Should we have a Top-Down or a Bottom-Up approach?
Re-involve private finance? Is the involvement of private investors a key for the success of financing future energies? Can we still count on public finance, expecting countries to finance the energy transition despite their high debt level? How can governments adjust policies and regulation to stimulate private investments?
§ Innovators
New technologies or improvement of old technologies? What are these technologies and what is their impact?
 … In which sector? Who will support these new offers? Oil & gas / Electricity / Coal / Nuclear players? Will gas innovate, acting as a bridge to reinforce clean energy/storage? Will new actors survive, or will traditional players dominate?
…In which segment? Deployment strategy: where to start? Upstream? Midstream? Downstream? Final demand management? How impactful should these technologies be on volumes (demand management/decrease of primary or final energy), or on lifestyle?
16h Coffee break
16h30 Workshops summary
17h Plenary session – Keynote panel
“Innovative Technologies for a Cleaner Energy”
18h30 Conclusions – Closing speech
19h Cocktail and networking session
Auteur :
Marie Noirbusson

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