4th Annual SnO Conference "AI, ROBOTICS & WORK"

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mardi 12 mars 2019
16:30 - 22:00
HEC Paris
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What is the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics for organizations and society? Despite the hype about these technologies, their promise and their perils depend on teams, organizations, policies, culture and leadership. In short, the promise and perils depends on how we structure our society and organizations. Please join us in the finding out how during HEC’s 4th annual conference organized by the SnO. 

We hope to bring together academics and industry leaders to have a lively discussion to answer questions such as:

  •  Artificial intelligence amplifying or reducing our existing biases and societal inequality?
  •   How should businesses organize to benefit from AI and robotics?
  •   How do machines interact with individuals and teams?
  •   What governance rules – policies, regulations & collective action - can ensure that these technologies benefit organizations as well as  our overall society?


16:30    Introduction (Room T.206)

17:15    Parallel Panel Discussions: 

  1. Impact of AI and robotics on the labor market (Room T.305)
  2. Challenge and opportunities for AI and robotics for firms (Room T.307)
  3. Organizational structure and governance (Room T.304)

18 :45   Break & networking

19:45    Plenary Sessions (Room T.206)

Detailed information on each of the panels and speakers can be found here.

Please note that HEC students and professors should register directly 

on the conference website

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Janet O Sullivan

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