"Check your Job Fit, Compare your alternatives, Choose one and Boost your Career" Workshop - 26 February

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Unpick the process of attaining career fit by understanding your ultimate skills, determining your preferred fields and working environment and by validating your choice through networking. 

At the end of this workshop, you will have

  • Identified among each clusters those specific points that may hamper in the development if your career, 
  • Studied 7+1 alternatives avenues you could choose between for the next step in you were to make a (radical) change, 
  • Master the basic rules to implement a success for career move, avoiding tradition methods and using disruptive job-hunting techniques.

This workshop will cover, among others, most of the traditional risks that people run into when they deal with their careers such as : 

  • standard identification of their ultimate skills, 
  • wide and opportunistic target, 
  • slapdash or unprofessional networking, 
  • awkward and inefficient approaches to get an interview, 
  • weak, irrelevant and long pitches during interviews, 
  • catastrophic approaches when it come to salary negotiation and raise

And of course, provide recommendations to bypass, avoid, aboard these mishappenings.

Daniel Porot is a career management specialist.

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