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Customer Experience Executive


"[business + design + technology]

Creative, proactive innovation consultant with 15+ years of global collaborative experience working with 60% of the Fortune 200 in over 35 countries. My global experience, managing a portfolio of large multinational clients and leading multicultural, cross-functional teams in the application of Design Thinking and transformation methodologies has helped large organizations achieve long-term sustainability.

Veering from the standard technology background found with most Design Thinking practitioners, I leverage a background in psychology, the ultimate human-centered design approach, to remove barriers and achieve strategic agendas. I help organizations flourish, differentiate and innovate in a complex global market.

I hold an MBA from HEC Paris, a top-tier business school, where I specialized in Service Design: Innovating the Customer Experience. I also hold specialized graduate certifications in Organizational & Strategic Leadership from both HEC Paris and Kellogg School of Management. A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt from Dartmouth College.

? Closed a complex, multi-million dollar global deal in 6 months that 6 predecessors weren't able to close over a 10-year period through Big Picture, strategic minded problem-solving.
? First in the company to penetrate and close expansion deals in emerging markets such as Japan, Hong Kong, India, and Brazil.
? Executed a change in governance, boosting investor confidence, resulting in the additional investment of 3.4M€ from Venture Capitalist."

Expérience professionnelle

Head of customer experience strategy & design

JDA Software , Scottsdale

De Septembre 2017 à Aujourd'hui

Formations complémentaires

BAC +4

Liberty University - Psychology

2001 à 2005

Six Sigma Green Belt

Dartmouth College

2017 à 2018

★Founded in 1769, Dartmouth is a member of the Ivy League and consistently ranks among the world’s greatest academic institutions.

►Dartmouth's Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a Certification from their Thayer School of Engineering. It is considered a type of Diploma by Dartmouth College and not a Certificate of Completion.

Master in Agile Management

Villanova University - Agile Management

2016 à 2018

Post Graduate Certification - Advanced Service Management

Arizona State University - Service Leadership and Management

2017 à 2017

Key topics covered include:

1. Unleashing Service Growth
- Business Model Innovation/Disruption and Growth
- Innovation in Service-Centric Firms

2. Getting Closer to the Customer
- Leveraging the Digital Transformation of Service
- Encouraging Deep Customer Engagement

3. Capturing Value from Services to Secure Profitable Growth
- Revisiting the Value/Cost Equation: Strategies for Combining Outstanding Service Quality and Low Costs/Productivity
- Capturing MORE Value from Services: Unleashing the Profit Potential of Services

4. Leading the Service Organization
- Leading Under Uncertainty
- Creating and Managing a Service-Centric Culture
- Change Management for Service Organizations

Master Enterprise Design Thinking Coach

IBM Design - Enterprise Design Thinking Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching

2018 à 2019

I am a certified master coach in IBM's Design Thinking Loop Methodology. I hold all five IBM certifications at all levels, Practitioner, Co-Creator, Coach, Advocate, Leader

Parcours officiels



Anglais - Langue maternelle

Français - Technique


Conduite Changement / Change Management
Project Managment
Digital Transformation
Customer Experience
Innovation & Engagement Client
Business Developement
conseil en Ressources Humaines
coaching conseil ressources humaines
Stratégie commerciale /Business Strategy
Stratégie achats
Strategie d'entreprise
Technologies et Systèmes d’information
Digital Technologies
Product management
Product marketing
conseil de gouvernement
conseil de direction
Conseil / Consulting
Emerging Markets
Global mindset
Stratégie IT, sécurité globale
Optimisation de la performance globale
Sales strategy
Straégie digitale
stratége, négociateur, multi-culturel
management consulting
Leadership exigeant et humain
Venture Capital
Product development
Marketing / Communication
design thinking
Service design
business design
Innovation and Design
Strategy / Stratégie
agile methodologies
Lean-Six Sigma, Design Thinking, Prince2
lean management
6 Sigma black belt
Leadership and Management

Centres d'intérêt

  • *Passionate about human centered change management initiatives *Thrive in fast pace
  • dynamic environments *Excel at influencing and advising a diverse population of stakeholders *Enjoy solving complex problems in creative and innovative ways *Prefer ...