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Stéphane Malo

Directeur Commercial et de Programmes

52 ans - Manternach (6850) Luxembourg

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Sales Director International
Plus de 10 ans
Plus de 100 K€
Type de contrat
Indifférent - Indifférent
- Directeur de l'International
- Directeur Export
- Directeur Commercial
- Automobile, constructeurs,équipementiers
- Equipement électrique et électronique
- Production d'énergie, Extraction


"Sales Director | MBA | Strategy | Acquisition | Business acumen | German // Fuelling International Business Development
# General management and business development with international exposure B2B industry.
# Submarine, automotive, robotics, energy, precision metal parts.
# Skills: Value creation and risks anticipation. Strategy definition and implementation. Multicultural teams management. Business Performance Management. Versatile leadership.
# Asian acumen (15 Asian countries known, 5 years in Asia, 3 years of Business with Asia studies). International experiences and mindset.
# 10 years expatriated in Malaysia, Germany and Brazil. Polyglot: French, English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean and Malay.
#Favorite quotes: ""They did not know it was impossible so they did it"" Mark Twain "" ""Craziness is to always do the same thing and to expect a different result"" Albert Einstein"""

Expériences professionnelles

Directeur général dominante commerciale

POPPE + POTTHOFF , Scionzier

De Janvier 2014 à Février 2020

Operation director

Leoni Kabel Holding GmbH , Chartres

De Février 2012 à Mai 2013

Directeur général dominante commerciale

NICOLAS Industrie , Champs-sur-yonne

De Janvier 2010 à Novembre 2011

Directeur commercial export

Siemens VDO, ZF Lemförder, Benter Automotive , Schwalbach am taunus

De Février 1996 à Janvier 2010

Electro technician


De Septembre 1985 à Octobre 1991

Formations complémentaires

DESS Commerce et échanges avec l'Asie

Le Havre Normandy University - Business with Asia

1994 à 1995

All you need to know to do business in Asia

Master Trade with Asia

Le Havre Normandy University - Asia, Korean, Asian law, economy, cultures, history...

1992 à 1994

All you need to know to work with/in Asia.

DEUG Economics and languages

Grenoble University - Social and Economic Science

1990 à 1992

Micro, macro economy, maths, English, German, Portuguese...


Rotary International

Autres fonctions

Parcours officiels



Allemand - Courant

Anglais - Courant

Coréen - Notions

Français - Langue maternelle

Malais - Notions

Portugais - Technique


Versatile Leadership
Adapting leadership to context and people, a monolithic leadership is bound to fail. We> I
Strategy Architect
Able to define and implement the right strategy, and equally important identify wrong strategies.
value creation
Always questioning before a decision is made, am I creating value?
Business developement international
Worldwide or Asian turnover growth, new customers...
General Management
7 years MD with business development focus.
The leader from the 19 th century needed muscles, from 20th century brain, for 21 st century empathy will be required
Leading with questions
Questioning leaders use people's intelligence rather than impose their decisions. They know what, when how to raise a question for maximum efficiency.
Industrie 4.0
automation to increase productivity, reduce cost and increase quality
Business Acumen
finding new sales markets
business administration
P&L management
P&L, Balance sheet, cash flow control
expansion internationale
Versatile leadership
Sales & Marketing
head of sales and marketing 7 people in Malaysia.
Sales analytics
Market & Competitive Analysis
intercultural management
Interacted with Korean, German, US, Turkish, Brazilian, Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, English people and many more.
6 languages, over 30 countries known... World citizen
2 years in Germany, level B2= professional use
5 years in Malaysia, learned Bahasa M'sia
Brazilian market
2 years in Brazil, developed turnover with PSA
Developed turnover with Renault Bursa
Developed turnover with PSA in Wuhan Hubei province
numerous business trips

Centres d'intérêt

  • Chess (ELO 2013)
  • Economics
  • Geopolitics
  • Rhetorics
  • Maieutics
  • Triathlon (11x Ironman Finisher) "A marathon is done with muscles
  • an Ironman with the brain and the SWISSMAN with the heart"