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"I am now looking for job opportunities in Germany.

The completion of my 6-month long academic research process with a ""very good"" mention (1.3/6 on the German Grading scale) marks the beginning of the last phase of my studies: finding a job that matches my ambitions. Currently based in Munich, I am working at Siemens' VC fund-of-fund until September while looking for a job in the energy sector. In April, I finished writing my thesis and I am taking advantage of my last Summer-semester at the TUM to gather knowledge about the financing of energy projects and improve my understanding of energy markets.

Short bio:
I have lived and worked in Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Paris and Singapore. I am finishing my studies in Munich while learning every day more about electricity markets and data pricing.

I am deeply interested by smart cities, particularly in the way we produce, transport and consume energy. That is why at HEC I chose the double degree with the TUM, to study energy markets and computer science. This interest was bolstered by one year of professional experiences in social and sustainability audit and consulting at EY and business development in the energy consumption optimization start-up BeeBryte. Besides sustainability in the energy area, I have also dived into the field of asset management during my year and half as a working student by Siemens' fund-of-fund. "

Expériences professionnelles

Junior vc analyst (part-time)

SIEMENS , München - CDD

De Octobre 2018 à Aujourd'hui

Working Student in Siemens Financial Services; I work 20 hours per week in the department advising Siemens' pension fund in its venture capital investments. My daily activities include:

- Monitoring the performance of the invested VC funds;
- Meeting with VC funds candidates and assessing their performance;
- Researching and writing internal studies about VC-related topics;

I have been working at Siemens VC fund-of-fund for one year from October 2018 to September 2019, and I have started a new 6 months contract in April. From September 2019 to April 2020 I have been working with Umlaut on my master thesis.


Umlaut , München - CDD

De Octobre 2019 à Avril 2020

During six months I wrote my master thesis about the price, cost and value of data in the energy sector in cooperation with Umlaut's (formerly P3) Energy and Storage department.

Business developer (intern)

BeeBryte - CDD

De Mars 2018 à Août 2018

BeeBryte is using artificial intelligence to get commercial buildings and factories to consume electricity in a smarter, more efficient and cheaper way while reducing their carbon footprint.

Based on weather forecast, occupancy and energy price signals, our software-as-a-service (SaaS) automatically controls flexible demand-side resources (e.g. heating-cooling, batteries, EV charging stations) to generate up to 40% energy cost savings.

The technology combines a patented real-time optimization technique, proprietary trading algorithms, cloud computing and predictive analytics to offer dynamic energy services fully integrated to the Internet of Things.

In partnership with utilities, we are now expanding our offer to retail electricity to our customers. By arbitraging on the wholesale spot electricity market, BeeBryte can significantly reduce the energy purchase costs with real-time control of our customers’ load flexibility (HVAC & energy storage) and consequently offer discounted ToU rates to compete with traditional energy retailers.

BeeBryte is based in Singapore & France. We are accelerated by INTEL & TECHFOUNDERS.

I am currently working on projects to expand our business and transform the start-up in a leader of the upcoming energy revolution.

Salesman (part-time)

House of AnLi - CDD

De Mars 2018 à Août 2018

From April, 13th to August, 22nd I have worked 90% of week-ends and national holidays at House of AnLi in parallel of my internship at BeeBryte experiencing for the first time a 7-day work week.

Some words about House of AnLi: House of AnLi Interiors is dedicated to incorporating premium European home interior pieces – most notably beautiful, world-famous Belgian linen – into the sophisticated tropical lifestyle of Singapore. Dealing exclusively with luxury European brands (such as Libeco, Forges Laguiole, Lord Lou, Flamant, Gommaire or Mathy by Bols), the store is a reference on the island regarding refined interiors and superior quality furniture.

As a salesman my mission was to present the shop to the customers and help them with their purchases and inquiries. This implied staying focus the whole day, switching sometimes from English to German, Portuguese, Spanish or French in order to put customers at ease.

Besides the knowledge acquired on linen, wood types, furniture, table ware and cutlery I improved my social contact skills and had the opportunity to work in an environment full of inspiring people. After some weeks I have also started to help a the owner and the manager with inventory, HR and marketing. The excellent relation I created with them contributed to make this part-time job a highly enriching experience that marked my stay in Singapore

Junior consultant (intern)

EY , Paris la defense cedex - CDD

De Octobre 2017 à Mars 2018

An extremely nice team that makes this department of a 250,000 people company look like a start-up is one of the main assets of this branch of EY. The French unit of the Sustainable Performance and Transformation department operates in many areas such as policy and program evaluation, strategic support to the development of environmental public policies, project assessment, carbon management, definition of sustainable development strategies or optimization of public networks management. In the midway between extra-financial audit and consulting specialized on energy and environmental issues the Cleantech and Sustainability (CaS) office is an ideal place to learn how to adapt to many different problematics and gain a transversal view of today's challenges in this area. During my internship, I have worked on some context studies for public clients (like the ADEME or the Ministry of Transports), contributed to the drafting of sustainability reports, helped to the writing of commercial proposal and participated to on-site CSR audits.

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