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Philippe Bensussan


Consultant in corporate strategy and industry operation, with an exceptional track record of leading and managing as Chairman & CEO successful profitable growth of hi-tech industries by increase in market shares, innovation, technology – product – market diversifications, M&A etc. in international and competitive environments. Result-oriented with a recognized ability to transform market trends and dynamics into value-creating strategies and their operational execution. Fluent in French and English (TOEIC: 985).

Expériences professionnelles


Loarwenn Consulting , Paris

De Mars 2018 à Aujourd'hui

Consultant, Chairman of Loarwenn Consulting
- Advises Chairmen, CEOs, investment firms, law firms, administrations etc. in corporate strategy and industry operation. Specializes in Defense, Space, Aircraft, Automotive, Marine, Med-techs, Instrumentation, Science, Robotics, Microelectronics, Materials and Mechanics.
- Independent Board member.
- Fluent in French and English (TOEIC: 985).


Ulis , Veurey voroize

De Janvier 2002 à Février 2018

President directeur general

Sofradir , Palaiseau - CDI

De Novembre 1998 à Février 2018

- Achieved the transformation and outstanding growth of a technology-pushed single technology
20M€, 160p. SME (Sofradir) into a 220+ M€, 900+ p. Group of market-pulled Mid-Cap companies (Sofradir and two 100%-owned subsidiaries: ULIS and US-based Sofradir EC Inc.) with the largest panel of products and cutting-edge technologies of all competitors.
- Developed domestic and export sales in a competitive international environment.
- Achieved a double-digit profitable growth year after year for nearly 20 years in a row.
- Raised Sofradir, ULIS and Sofradir EC to referenced World leaders.
- Set-up innovative and efficient R&D organizations by bringing together teams from universities, research centers and industry on common projects. Introduced new technologies and products ahead of competition, which have become World standards.

Formations complémentaires


Ecole Polytechnique

1976 à 1979


MIT - Material Science and Engineering

1980 à 1984

Docteur d’Etat

Université Paris-Sud - Physique

1984 à 1986

Executive MBA


2003 à 2005

Parcours officiels



Stratégie d'entreprise et prospective
Planification stratégique
innovation collaborative
Product marketing
Finance d'entreprise
Accompagnement de grands projets
Conduite de projets complexes
Executive Coaching
Strategy Execution

Centres d'intérêt

  • Voile (propriétaire d’un voilier rapide de 8
  • 70 m en Bretagne)
  • ski
  • trekking
  • natation
  • vélo
  • voyages
  • cinéma
  • musique classique
  • opéras
  • peinture
  • travaux manuels
  • bricolage