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Ozgür Omer


48 ans - ISTANBUL (34337) Turquie - - 0212 324 5045 - 0532 762 5858

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Since Feb 2011 –Managing Partner, European Growth Management SAS, FRANCE
M&A advisor covering Turkey. Advising leading European companies in their acquisitions in Turkey. Deal sizes between €10mn - €100mn in industrial, B to B and services. Advised companies such as Webhelp (no. 2 call center in France, under LBO with KKR), Coventya (no. 3 worldwide in electroplating chemicals, under LBO with Silverfleet Capital), Tractel (under LBO with Cinven), IMS (sold by Chequers).

Sept 2009 –General Manager, IMS Özel Çelik Ltd. ?ti., TURKEY
Jan 2011
Subsidiary of Jacquet Metal (previously IMS Group) is the European leader in special steel distribution with 2,300 employees and €1,4bn sales.

Sept 2004 –Managing Partner, European Growth Management, TURKEY
July 2009After his MBA, set up his own M&A advisory practice mainly for Turkey, covering also Romania and Russia.
- Sale mandate from the leading Turkish rack producer Estap. Deal executed in a consortium with an M&A boutique. Deal size: €25mn – €50mn. Company sold successfully to Legrand, a leading European strategic investor.
-Sale mandate from the leading Turkish online betting company. Deal size: €50mn – €100mn. Originated the deal, valued the company, found interested potential buyers.
-Buy Mandate from IMS Group (no. 1 European special steel distributor) to acquire companies with values between €10mn – €50mn in Turkey, Russia and Romania.
-Buy mandate from the leading German independent leasing company to buy a leasing company in Turkey. Deal size: €25mn – €50mn.

2000 – 2002Country Manager, Europa Capital Management (ECM), TURKEY
Private equity fund (€250mn) based in Prague, 80 employees. Managing Partner: Dr. Karl Heinz Hauptmann. Former Head of European equity derivatives at Merrill Lynch London.
Partners such as Templeton Direct Advisors, Connecticut.

Identified acquisition targets for the Fund. Deals’ sizes: €5mn – €50mn. Sectors: wineries, corporate ISPs, food packaging and call centers. Fund did not pursue due to 2001 financial crisis in Turkey.

1995 – 1999Country Manager, Europa Capital Management (ECM), BULGARIA

Set up ECM’s branch, recruited 8 analysts; 9 companies were acquired through privatisation. Participated to the management of a €40mn fund from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Team acquired state owned companies which were offered for mass privatisation and also companies with private ownership.
In all those deals, we originated the target companies, valued them, prepared offers, executed the acquisitions, raised the financing to develop them, restructured their management and finally successfully sold them. We usually had majority ownership.

Deals performed:

-Khan Asparuh JSCo. and Khan Omurtag JSCo., leading ceramic tile producers (€25mn sales).
Deal size: €10mn – €30mn. As a member of the Board of Directors:
Restructured the companies by hiring outside managers.
Decreased the workforce cost; (1,700 employees at privatisation)
Raised financing and invested in new machines. Increased profitability. Later the companies were sold to private equity fund Advent, with a return of 4,3x money.

-ZMK Nikopol JSCo., leading carton board plant (90 000 t capacity). Deal size: €5mn – €20mn. As a member of the Board of Directors:
Spearheaded a turnaround by bringing in new management.
Negotiated with suppliers and decreased main costs like waste paper. Found investors and sold the plant successfully to Süzer Group from Turkey, making 5,8x money in 2 years.

- Pobeda JSCo., Burgas. Biscuit company with leading brands.
Deal size: €5mn – €10mn.
Acquired the company. Restructuring failed due to hard competition from foreign multinationals entering the market; made only 1,3x money.

- Orbitel JSCo. Corporate ISP with very good management team.
Deal size: €1mn – €5mn. Company developed successfully thanks to our capital infusion. Return of 2,1x money in 4 years.

- Rodina JSCo. Corrugated cardboard company with 50,000 t capacity. Deal size: €5mn – €15mn. Company was managed 3 years and sold at a later stage to Dunapack / Prinzhorn Holding : return of 1,3x money.

Other few smaller companies have been acquired. Projects in energy (underground gas storage), chemical, cement and tourism have been analysed but no deals executed.


2002 - 2004MBA Program (ISA), Groupe HEC, Paris, France
1990 - 1994BS in Finance (Honours), Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y., USA

LANGUAGESFrench and Turkish (native), English (fluent), Russian (beginner).


Mr. Frederic JOUSSET et Mr. Olivier DUHA, founders of Webhelp SAS

Dr. Thomas COSTA, CEO Coventya. (

Dr. Karl Heinz HAUPTMANN, Managing Partner, Telor, Austria.
(Previously Managing Partner of Europa Capital Management).
Tel: + 43 664 233 54 53;

Mr. Orhan Kemal ALVER, Managing Partner Russell Reynolds, Turkey.
Tel: + 90 552 696 19 34;

Mr. Dominique DU PELOUX, Managing Partner,WH SAS, France
Tel: + 33 1 47 83 30 51;

Mr. Murat ÇAVU?O?LU, Managing Partner, Actera Private Equity, Turkey.
Tel: + 90 532 234 90 14;

Mr. Seymur TARI, Managing Partner, Turkven Private Equity, Turkey.
Tel: + 90 212 326 84 00;

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European Growth Management SAS - CDI

De Février 2011 à Aujourd'hui



De Septembre 2009 à Janvier 2011

Managing partner

European Growth Management Ltd , Moskva

De Septembre 2004 à Juillet 2009

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Bachelor of Sciences in Finance

Syracuse University - Finance

1990 à 1994

Graduated with honors.


HEC - Consulting

0000 à 2004

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