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In our current business environment, we are all facing disruptions, and I truly believe it is a great opportunity for leaders to re think the way of leading businesses: build on intuition, provide a miningfull vision for each stakeholder, struggle every day for the most difficult goal to reach, simplify your world. Simplicity for your customers’ journey, in your management relations and finally in your operational processes: my deep conviction is that it is the best way to foster value creation.
15 + years-experience both in IT and Operations project Management in the Telecommunications Industry.
In charge of delivering the new mobile offers and projects in a context of a high competition, an aggressive cost reducing plan and facing the digital transformation of the group. Also responsible for the migration programs following several acquisitions, I operate the offers reengineering, with a tough simplification with the business, IT & financials teams to keep the margins KPI and to simplify the IT architecture and the customer journey.
Proven management skills to lead large team (>100 FTE) either IT or business profiles, helping the project teams to stay focused on the objectives with a clear vision of the strategic goals, by process optimization and automation, changing organization and developing a common performance culture & mind-set

Woman of convictions, direct speaking, open minded to find disruptive ways to achieve objectives, and enthusiastic in facing new challenges.

Expérience professionnelle

Mobile offers business unit director.


De Novembre 2014 à Aujourd'hui

Design, implement and launch Mobile offers over all sales channels (web, physical distribution, customer care) in the Information systems (more than 300 projects/year).
Prioritize Mobile offerings project portefolio (60% of the SFR turnover).
Cost reduction program management (30% savings over 2 years) by leading process automation on testing activities for instance.
Monitor end to end offers quality (data crunching).
Team: 120 FTE – Budget 13M€– Member of strategic task force (N-1 executive committee)

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