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Content monetization and distribution, Audience Engagement, Brand Building, Smart data, Digital revolution, Strategic Investment, Blockchain and Crypto...

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President , Paris

De Octobre 2016 à Aujourd'hui

Smart one-stop video/audio streaming platform for better monetization and community growth.
Ideally for brands, TV&Media, experts&trainers, youtubers & MCN, online biz start ups etc

Chief revenue officer


De Juillet 2018 à Aujourd'hui aims to solve the most crucial Entertainment industry problems, such as lack of promotion & visibility for independent video contents, lack of distribution channels and consequently a lack of monetization and return on investment penalizing the creation as a whole. unites content providers, online video platforms and advertisers into a decentralized, open and virtuous ecosystem.

This will allow content providers to better distribute their videos and optimize the monetization by getting more qualified views on their contents and new distribution channels through a network of online video platforms.

Then, for the first time, Content Providers can reward viewers for their watching and promotional activity by sharing part of their revenues. These incentives drive watching consumption, attracts advertisers and brands, generate steady revenue that will fuel more content production.

Each content is registered in an open, secure, global registry, via a dedicated public blockchain. It will then track all contents consumption, offer diversified business models for monetization and manage the fair distribution of the generated revenue.

Decentralized, autonomous, this new ecosystem is a foundation for a unique shared pool of contents, video platforms, advertisers and audiences that will organically increase content consumption, boost the birth of more video platforms and content sales

The platform and its economy are powered by the KAST utility token. It is the only allowed medium used to fuel exchanges between all stakeholders of the ecosystem.

Built by gathering best in class video platform, AI and blockchain technology partners, will disrupt the entertainment industry by offering the most secured and fairest rewarding ecosystem where every user’s engagement has a positive effect on the whole value chain.



De Juin 2016 à Aujourd'hui

A mixed fund with fiat and crypto, interested in projects with potential in entertainment, arts, music, tourism or culture related....



De Janvier 2013 à Aujourd'hui


Facing an increasingly fragmented audience, how to find users with real and sustainably interest in your content ?

FlameFy answers the challenge by detecting and converting , from online and offline channels , interests of diversified audiences .
The secret dwells in the analysis of smart data allowing real-time distribution of your context-based and personalized content.

All these collected data are available in our SaaS platform helping you to control your communication, make right decisions and optimize your monetization.
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Comprendre son audience pour l’engager avec intelligence

Face à une audience de plus en plus fragmentée, comment trouver les utilisateurs qui s’intéressent véritablement et durablement à vos contenus ?

FlameFy répond à cet enjeu en détectant et convertissant, depuis les canaux online et offline, les intérêts de multiples audiences.
Le secret réside dans l’analyse de smart data permettant la distribution en temps réel de vos contenus contextualisés et personnalisés.

L’ensemble de ces données récoltées est accessible dans notre plateforme SaaS afin de vous permettre de piloter votre communication, prendre les bonnes décisions et optimiser votre monétisation.

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