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CV Maxime Depreux

Situation professionnelle

A l'écoute du marché

Souhait professionnel

Plus de 10 ans
Plus de 100 K€
Type de contrat
75 Paris
- Directeur Filiale
- Directeur Général Adjoint
- Directeur / Chef Département
- Immobilier
- Loisirs, Hôtellerie, Tourisme, Restauration
- Distribution

Expériences professionnelles

Directeur du développement

Urban Campus , Paris

Chief operating officer - premium outlets

Hammerson France , Paris

De Août 2009 à Août 2019

• Member of the Hammerson Group Investment & Development committee
•Implementing a Venture Capital strategy for VIA Outlets: Developing the 3rd European Fashion Outlet operator in 4 years (created in 2014, reached €1.5bn value), in partnership with APG, Value Retail and Meyer Bergman
o The business model is to identify undermanaged fashion outlets in Europe, acquire them and transform them significantly (merchandising mix, redesign, extensions). Results show 13% sales growth in 2017
o Besides delivering acquisition and performance, the main challenge consists in creating a new venture in collaboration with 3 partners. Responsibilities include setting up team organization, governance rules and corporate structure
o Member of VIA Outlets board
• Strengthening Hammerson’s investment in Value Retail luxury outlet business (€2.0 bn, including Bicester Village, La Vallée Village), through organic and external growth
o Observer at Value Retail board

Previously, deputy director of asset management and investments at Hammerson France
• Ran acquisition and disposal opportunities in shopping centres and now also in premium outlets
• Managed previously several shopping centres of the Hammerson French portfolio, supervising asset managers: performance review, strategy definition and coordination of the operations and support departments
• Piloted new business development projects; e.g. contributed to the acquisition and launch of Terrasses du Port project (€450 m.)

Parcours officiels

HEC – Grande école