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Directeur Commercial

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Business development director

ENGIE INEO , Paris la défense - CDI

De Décembre 2016 à Aujourd'hui

I am Commercial Director at Ineo UTS and my day-to-day role consists of developing the transport infrastructure market for the following specialities: signalling, power supply and telecom.

For France, I am the Account Director for RATP, an historical client with which we make a third of our revenues. I am also in charge of commercialising UTS services in five regions/countries: Canada, UK, the Nordics, Chile and Austria.

Having a strong presence in France, Ineo has pierced North African markets and my mission is to bring up to speed its development in the Anglo-Saxon countries. To help me do that, I have four developers and one commercial agent reporting to me.

With my team, we establish and deploy the development approaches for each region. I recommend the business model for the different zones. In Canada for instance, we created an integrated joint venture that shares the profit and loss at 50-50 between Ineo and the local Engie.

Elsewhere, we need to adapt our current proximity model to greenfield or brownfield strategies to be subcontractors of major railway companies such as Alstom, Ansaldo and Siemens.

My team performs the upstream identification of partners that I validate. I also survey the market to search for new companies and lead the M&A efforts to acquire them.

An important part of my business consists in delivering powerful presentations and lobbying to influence pre-qualifications and technical specifications, and to set up favourable environments for those opportunities.

Since we are starting from scratch, there is an important part of work that entails aligning the team and taking them out of their comfort zones. Moreover, to better coordinate our efforts, I have initiated the implementation of a new consolidated opportunity pipeline across transport business units.

I am also championing two initiatives. The first is to implement legal golden rules of exchange with our partners. These rules assess our compatibility from the very beginning and not at the end, in order to avoid finding out after several months that we have reached unfair terms. The second initiative is to conceive how to use Engie's financial reputation to leverage our strong financials into the qualification criteria.

We also have nascent product lines and we need to find a way to overcome the obstacles of not having references.

Reporting to the managing director of Ineo UTS, I have a budget of €500,000 a year to support commercial enterprises. My target is to generate €35 million of sales per year.

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