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Jagan Vysyaraju


"Jagan is a Consultant at OECD and a PRINCE2 Practitioner looking after Strategic Projects and an MBA from HEC, Paris Class of 2018 specialised in Strategy, Marketing and Project Management

During the course of his career he has spent much time learning how to integrate a number of different skills in order to become a well-rounded expert with talents in a wide range of production and operations areas. It has been through the application of these skills that he has consistently brought revenue and process improvements to the companies he has worked for as well as reduced costs by millions of dollars.

Perhaps most notable among his skills is the ability to build productive relationships that can be leveraged to help his employer. Whether it's building a network of customers, securing preferred vendor positions, or acting as liaison to governments around the world, it has been his ability to forge those alliances that has helped move projects forward in a timely manner and avoid untoward problems.

His ability to analyze markets and business processes to find weaknesses has also served him well over the years. There have been numerous instances when properly examining the data has led to significant operating savings or helped to develop strategies that have guided the company through complex market issues.

These are only some of the many skills that he brought to every position that he finds himself in. In each case Jagan attempted to bring a unique talent and innovative approach to the objectives set before him, always looking for new ways to meet and exceed company expectations."

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