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Freddy Hochu


Strong determination to achieve success, hands-on, result-oriented, Senior Executive, with extensive experience in diverse business environments. Proven ability in general management, turnaround business operations to maximize performance and achieve positive impact on bottom line, successful recovery of units facing performance failures (profitability and/or growth). Demonstrated track record on building and motivated cross functional team, give sense to the work and pride to employees, cultural change and implementing transformation through deployment of strategic action plans to reach effective and efficient execution to increase revenue, profit margin and cost reduction. Ability to deal effectively and courteously with all levels of employees and management, appropriate communication to stakeholders.
* Drive organizational transformation. Changing people practices to provide behaviors change. Closed loop between top down and bottom up organizational transformation.
* Define a clear roadmap matching business strategy with internal resources capabilities: profitability, revenues, customers/market trends, business model alternatives and growth potential versus process maturity, organization, competencies, management and leadership. Closed loop between external (market/strategy) and internal (resources capabilities).
* Create a performance-focused and results-oriented environment through process improvement. Lean management & 6 SIGMA through all value chains: RFQ, Program management, Engineering, supply chain, operation. Follow up of improvement reliability and sustainability on Gemba. Closed alignment between processes and performance.

Expériences professionnelles

Vp operations zodiac aerospace elastomer europe

Zodiac Aerospace

De Mars 2016 à Aujourd'hui

Manage the cross - plants transformation plan (change process, KPIs improvements)
Manage production managers, supply chain & purchasing managers, product development managers
Implement routines to follow the local projects (Kaizen workshops, QRQC)
Prepare and drive the 4 years plan and the budget on the manufacturing side
Prepare and drive the monthly operations review
Coach the managers on continuous improvement practices
Contribute to the strategy, transformation and team working.

Lean director - task force europe

Zodiac Aerospace , Plaisir cedex - CDI

De Mars 2013 à Mars 2016

Recover units facing performance failures, major customer crisis, critical developments and operational issues
Diagnose sites under major customer crisis. Evaluate gaps vs. standard organization. VSM, S&OP roadmap, program and manufacturing finance, Gemba walks.
Design recovery and transformation plan through all value chains: RFQ, program management, engineering, supply chain and production. Deploy SPC, Daily Management, Visual management, Standard management, Problem solving, one piece flow, S&OP process, workload for Eng. and Prod.
Build up contract with BU General Manager and agree on deliverables
Follow up action plans, mentor teamwork and workshops, pilot ongoing reviews.
Challenge and coach the BU Directors during regular visits.
Follow up of improvement reliability (Gemba)
Train production sites to ‘lean manufacturing’ tools and follow their actual deployment through Zodiac Lean assessment.
Manage Site Lean Managers/Team: lead, evaluate, train, mentoring, coaching and recruit.
Customer confidence renewed, improve key performances, indicators recovered under controlled (OTD, Backlog, DPU, COPQ).

Consultant en stratégie

Averroès Développement , Suresnes

De Octobre 2010 à Mars 2013

MISSION: Drive change, TRANS-FORM-ACTION based on three pillars
* Trans-form-action through coaching of executive team.
Enhance management skill through a leadership program that allows members to build leadership, team leading and efficient group dynamic (facilitating and improving team work). People to People, as a key driver for a successful Business differentiation. Training For Change.
* Trans-form-action through strategy challenge and business model reconfiguration.
Create challenging experience: collective process team, creativity and commitment that allows defining a vision, embracing uncertainty and conditions of a successful strategy. Business training.
* Trans-form-action through reconciliation of market requirements and assets/resources capabilities in all value chains.
Deploy LEAN&6SIGMA approach: Program Management, Development management, Supply Chain Management, Operation Management, Human Resource Management.

* Change Mindset
Mentoring, ongoing reviews and defined deliverables
Design & deploy tailor-made Leadership training programs
Support managers’ development defining expectations & role at each process step
Create employee journey with guidelines
* Challenge strategy
Reorganize business, spin-off, big data, Big data applied to embedded systems
Challenge Customer mapping & focus
Monitor activity level and RFQs / define potential targets
* Improve resources capabilities
Develop a clear stock strategy
Review Profitability /investment roadmap
Enhance daily management, problem solving, LEAN thinking through Workshop
Conduct benchmarking

Bu general manager

Hutchinson SA , Paris - CDI

De Janvier 2009 à Octobre 2010

Lead Business Unit, business development, products program and operation (60M€/320 people/12 direct reports) for three market segments Helicopters (Airbus Helicopter, Agusta Westland...) Railroad (Bombardier Siemens Alstom), and others industries (Truck (Renaud Truck), Defense, Energy (Total))
* Drive changes:
Implement ERP.
Implement change organisation: production autonomous unit.
Negotiate with shop steward. Lead CE/DP/CHSCT. BU’s image and community relations.
Develop program for managing skill through the organisation, conduct change.
* Pilot profitability:
Conduct strategic review
Maintain profitability in a decreasing economic context (-15% turnover/year).
Develop operational excellence through LEAN Manufacturing deployment SPC, Daily management, problem solving, VSM, S&OP.
Contribute to site productivity through purchasing outsourcing program: 1.3M€.
Improve Environment/Health/Safety performance.
Maintain profitability with -15% turnover contexts, Safety improvement. Purchasing cost -1.3M€.

Chef de projet developpement produit

Philips Consumer Electronics

De Juin 1998 à Septembre 2002

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General Management
Leadearship in Transformation
Lean 6-Sigma
Lean engineering
Operations Management
supply chain management
Human Ressources
Business model
organizational behavior
Change Leadership

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