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Information Technology Change Leader

Saint-Lambert (J4R 2L9) Canada

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Information Technology Change Leader
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Basic profile info

I am a French Canadian born and raised in Montreal, and yes, we do say sorry a lot... The youngest of four brothers, I am my father's son, and so I share in part, his decent nature and laid-back attitude. The product of my generation, a small demographic born in between the Baby Boomers and Millennial, I came of age through technology, alternative rock, and less than ideal social climate.

I believe in science and technology and found it to be my calling very early in life. An entrepreneurial mind that lived personal and professional failures, and to my surprise, some degree of success. My credo (long before they started making T-shirt out of it) is that "Life is good".

Few friends but lifelong relationships here and everywhere else.

I have spent the last 25 + years of my life building a career that is second to none in Information Technology. A proven track record covering the entire spectrum of IT; from Architecture, Projects, Security to Operations, helping, leading and transforming Information Technologies for prominent enterprises such as the Central Bank of Canada and the Business Development Bank of Canada.

An unassuming and compassionate leader, I have dedicated my career at understanding and developing teams of professionals thriving for excellence with integrity, intelligence and most importantly competence. With a lifelong commitment to continuous learning, and self-improvement, cognizant of the acceleration of IT and workforce change management, I am a leader capable of envisioning tomorrow with credibility.

Perhaps unconventional, I believe in people’s competence over confidence, intellectual substance, curiosity and the certainty that success is only achievable through the collaboration and the willingness of all.

Expériences professionnelles

Vice president a. exploitation des systèmes ti

banque de developpement du canada , Montreal - CDI

De Mars 2013 à Aujourd'hui

I assumed the development and implementation of a successful transformation of the entire IT operations and Infrastructure through a series of changes. Under my leadership, IT Operations has reach “best in class” results across all dimension of People, Process, Technology and Security.

27+M operating budget (Run, growth), 60 + professionals
Management of complex distributed Infrastructures, high availability (T9)
Reduced operating costs by 15% while improving Performance indicators 25 to 48%
Developed DRP Governance
Leadership in innovations through “LEAN” concepts.

Executive director

Banque du canada , Ottawa - CDI

De Mars 2007 à Janvier 2013

I assumed the recovery of the entire IT operations and Infrastructure through a successful program of transformation and continuous improvements.

21.7m operating budget (Run, growth) & 15M/ANNUM + initiatives (projects), 140 + professionals
Enterprise Architecture, Application portfolio management, Operations and Infrastructure, IT Security
Management of complex heterogeneous infrastructures, high availability (T9)
Analysis and Maturity ("Benchmarking, Maturity Assessment")
Reduced operating costs by 20%
Governance, Leadership in Security Technology as a G20 Central Bank member

Consulting director

Bell Sygma / CGI , Montréal - CDI

De Avril 1994 à Février 2007

Multiple mandates in IT outsourcing agreement for enterprises such as; Yellow Pages Group (YPG), Molson, Bell Canada, Caprion Pharmaceuticals, Savings Investment Quebec, CDPQ, Héroux Devtek.

7-11M + budget operations (Run, growth), 70 + professionals
Redesigned of IT infrastructure and strategic deployment of technologies resulting in significant cost reductions and improvement.
Consolidated and optimized heterogeneous computing platforms and networking.
Built and deployed operational frameworks for the delivery of fully or partially outsourcing agreements.
Implemented recovery plans (DRP),Data Center Management, Business Relationship

Formation complémentaire


Columbia business school - Leadership

2013 à 2013

Advance Management Program for Senior Executive.

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HEC – Executive Mastère Consulting & coaching for change


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