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Président de FIT in GROUP


With a proven experience in supporting many different companies in their development, first by auditing and advising them, then by taking a financial and operational role, I have decided to bring my experience in creating new services

Such services now extend from
PART TIME professional support for small to middle-size companies to
FULL TIME management professional services for larger companies
and in both case dedicated to fulfil our clients’ objectives

First active within FINANCIAL services, we now also propose our support and experts in HUMAN RESOURCES and MANAGEMENT services, and more to come, always with our experienced and qualified network.

Our professional services are provided in France, in Europe (The Netherlands, United Kingdom at this stage) and in various African countries.

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Founder & president


De Septembre 2014 à Aujourd'hui

From 2017, ACTIS Finance has been renamed FIT in Group ® to support the development of its services

The company provides both part time professional services, for small to medium size companies, and full time services for larger companies and organisations. We also organise specialized training services and special duties such as due diligence

Our experts are servicing our clients within Financial, Human Resource and Management services
We operate in all France, in various European countries and on the African continent

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